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Using medical ID on iPhone: critical information at a glance for yourself and emergency responders

Austin E. Wilmot, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

The digital form of a "medic alert bracelet" has now become the phone. With the evolution of smartphone apps and programming, we now have ways of storing important information for emergency responders beyond writing "ICE" as a phone contact ("In Case of Emergency"). If you have an iPhone, this article will shed a light on the Medical ID feature on your phone. If you have another type phone, you may have a similar feature.

In the Settings App of your iPhone, go to Health-->Medical ID (as shown).

This feature allows you to have easily accessible information on the lock screen of your phone (you must choose this Emergency Access level at the bottom of the Medical ID settings screen) in the event of an emergency (by tapping "Emergency" on the bottom left and then tapping "Medical ID"). Information on this "card" includes: name, age, whether you are an organ donor, text sections for medical conditions, medical notes, allergies & reactions, medications, blood type, weight, height and emergency contacts.

When you use Emergency SOS (another feature) to call emergency services, it can also send a message with your current location to your emergency contacts with a mobile number.

Another Emergency Access level that can be chosen at the bottom of the Medical ID settings screen is "Share During Emergency Call". Turning this feature on will allow Apple to send this Medical ID information to 911 in the event that data capability is present in your area and you call 911.

There is plenty of room to write all the text you need in the Medical ID. Whether you want to include only information about yourself or have a section for loved ones, you can decide the best way to organize it.

Enjoy additional peace of mind with this Medical ID feature. Since software changes, please check your phone's most up to date information for the best information on these features.

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