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Heart Parents Class 301: reflecting on your own story

Austin E. Wilmot, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

As explained in Putting it all together: the 24th HEART BLOG article, the articles have been grouped together into three different "classes" for Heart Parents. As the last segment of the 301 class, this article is different than the rest.

Now is a good time to reflect on your own experience given all that you have learned from these articles spread over Classes 101, 201 and 301. This article invites you to reflect and write about your own journey, however your relation to the CHD community exists. What resonated (or not) with you from the articles? What did you take away? What has given you pause or reason to stop, continue or change something you are doing? There are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes just writing about what comes to mind will take you to new discoveries and useful ideas.

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