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Make a donation to the

CHD Families Association

in honor/memory of a loved one.


Or, make a donation in the name of a special doctor, nurse, therapist or surgeon who has touched your child’s life. A certificate will be sent to the recipient showing you have made a donation in his/her name.


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

In appreciation for excellent care after surgery or transplant

CHD Awareness Day, February 14th

Doctor’s Day, March 30th

National Volunteer Week, April 17-23

Nurse’s Day, May 6th

Christmas and other winter holidays


Be advised when you use paypal to make a donation in honor or memory of someone, Paypal does not give you the option to enter a name. You will receive a follow up email confirming your donation and asking who you would like to donation in honor or memoryof and other pertinent information. Thank you


The Congenital Heart Defects Families Association is a Kansas City area federal not-for-profit working to bring comfort and support to area families affected by congenital heart defects. Support groups, distribution of educational literature, free summer camp for heart kids and comfort items for children undergoing cardiac procedures are the Association's main focus. Additionally, the Association functions to raise money and awareness to promote congenital heart defects research through a variety of projects. One hundred percent volunteer run, the CHD FamiliesAssociation strives to maximize investment in its work, not its overhead. We are the only support system in the Kansas City area for children with heart defects and their families.


Why should I donate money to the Congenital Heart Defects Families Association, and where does it all go?

So many of you already know the answer to this question as you have been supported in some way by the Association in your new role as a “CHD family.” Whether it was a blanket or carepackage being delivered to your child after heart surgery, the comfort of our support group and Facebook page, or a trip to CHD Families Camp Systole, we can’t exist without donations. 

What your donation can do:

$10 - can buy toy for a hospitalized child.
$25 - can feed dinner to a hospitalized child’s family.
$35 - can provide a “Carepackage from the Heart” for a hospitalized child & family.
$50 - can provide fabric for 5-6 custom “Blankets from the Heart.”
$100+ - can help fund a day at CHD Famlies Camp Systole for a heart child to experience camp with the safety of medical professionals.


In Honor of Grace Venneman

Grace's Warrior Posse



In Memory of our Grandson Ryder Newman on his 9th birthday

Designated for Camp Systole

His grandparents


In Memory of Finley Becker

Natalia Kreinbring

In Memor of Henry James Caudle on His 6th birthday

Kingsley Riggs

In Honor of Emery Laine Gattis

Her parents

In Honor of Grace A Venneman

The Venneman Family


Pillar Patient Advocates

In Memory of Carol Douglas

The Wilmott Family Fund

In honor of Jonathan Campbell

Family of Jonathan Campbell

Christine Anderson

In memory of Johnny Eason

The Bertrands

In honor of Jackson Pfister

Jennifer Lien

American Online Giving


Susan Cunningham


In Memory of Lynn Goodman and in Honor of Jacob Goodman

Jon and Terri Berning

Ellen Eaton

Zeferino and Violeta Arroyo

Dennis and Jill Chelemedos

Main and Palmer Family Dentistry

Chuck and Xandra Waggoner

Stuff-Kurt and Kendra Giebler

Chris and Christine Cupp

Larry O'Bleness

Keller and Miller

Roland and Janice WInters

Jeff and Becky Turner

Toma and Susan Waller

Greg Long

Linda Sulzman and LaVern Dietz

Jean Ann and Rob Bowman

Time and Patrica McGonagle

Ken and Julie Carter

Francis and Kathy Britton

Rex and Ann Rowh

Pam McDaniel

Bill and Lois Heilman

Mike Berend

Burton Rose

Gary and Claudia Skibbe

Georgia Rowh

Sheldon Snyder

Brookover Cattle Co

John and Bobbie Burgess

Jode Rowe and James Appel

Sage and Kori Davis

Kenneth and Candy Rayhaut

Bill and Kani JOhn

Rean and Jill Wessels

Donna Nichols

Scott County Lumber

Chuck and Maggie Morrison

Sam and Nye Brookover

Verna Webber

Ken and Judy Arpin

Brad and Susan Boulware

Davie and Terri Conatser

Terry and Pam McDaniel

Danny and Michelle Morris

David McDaniel and Tammy Wackerla

Stacey and Kyle Hoeme

Lee Construction, Inc.

Dan and Lynn Weides

Care WIlkens

Tina and Stacey Ellis

Jay and Rita Rowh

Gary and Shirely Stapp

Kath, Shane, Sheldon and Reed Sulzman

Harry LaToush


In Memory of Martha Janke Rexin

The Wall family

Loraine Bruhel

Susan M Brown

in honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of Paul and Paula Orth

Beth Jolliff

In recognition of an awesome student, Matthew Ringo

CHD Families Camp Systole In-Kind Donations

Toplikar/Eidemiller Families


Stacey Gibson

Teri Becker - Chippies and Pipsqeeks

Lois Seebes
Melinda Yetmer

The Morgan Family - in Memory of Joshua
The Alverez Family
The Pasco Family
The Beebe Family
Kellie Ball

Brian and Jen Krupich 

Easley Family
Jamie Leroy
Amy and Joey Arena
In honor of Lydia's birthday Nana and Papa

Mary Summers in Honor of Lydia's birthday. 

Bridges-Simpson family

Candi McReynolds
The Stoneking Family
The Cornwell Family
The Coffman Family
Abbey Hussey
Tiffany Pringle
Jessica Courter
Jayme Taylor

Riggs Family in honor of Lydia's birthday.

Caudle Family in memory of Henry

Jesse family

 Jill Braune

Jessica Courter

Jayme Taylor

Mackenley Crowley and family

Tiffany Pringle

Lynch Family

Tiffany Weisgerber

Deidra Jesse

Mitchell family

 Karen Craig in Memory of Sophia

Matthews Family

Camps for Kids 2019 Donations

Bingler, Michael

Undernehr, Phoebe

Walden-Forrest, Karyn

Burr, Sarah

All Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating

Banwart, Bruce

Von Elling, Jane

Headley, Vicki

Weddle, Leslie

Missouri/Kansas Association For Cardiology

Eidemiller, Donald

Horvat, Joan

Storm, Jennie

Haas, Stacey


Raghuveer, Geetha

Wagner, Vicki

Sauer, Shane

Welch, Kathi

Sarah Stoneking

Naden, Catherine

Ringo, K.J.

McNellis, Sandra

Zainea, John Paul

Reorganized School District of Lawson

Herd, Melissa

Knudsen, Janice

Parnell, Dale

Jones, Winston

Hall, Robert

Dreasher, Mary

Dupanovic, Mirsad

Wells, Betty

Gelatt, Mark

Desmarteau-Shump, Michelle

Becker, Teri

LaSala, Lily

Geiler, Brenda

Ball, Kellee

Francis, Rebecca

Mitchell, Kristen

Loriaux, Patricia

Porter, Diane

Simpson, Paul

Moreno, Christy

Senn, Pennie

Corl, Heather

Stratton, Laura

Hendrickson, Teri

Bridges, Julia

Bridges, James

Ringo, Barbara

In Memory of Paxton House

Erica and Tyson Ostroski



In Memory of James Westhues

and in honor of his pal Mindy, CHD Survivor

Doris Bradke

Joe and Janet Kolich

Jm and Donna Vaczi

Bill and Mary Treu

Doug and Jeanne Westhues

Jack Boschert

Vada Westhues

Marc Pasley

Matthew Hurd

Sharon Barber

Randy Wadle

Shelia Wadle

Jan Von Elling

Kevin Westhues

Brenda Brumbaugh

Jasmine Shepard

Joan Bryan

Sandi Crow

Mary Dykmann

Judith Ware

Paula Hansen

Heartland Soccer Association

Christine Martin

Pete Roman

Benita Craft

Jeff Bates

Cindy Sayler

Heather Anderson


Camp Systole 2019

In honor of Trenton 

Justin Klatt


In Memory of Johnny Eason

The Bertrands


In memory of John Wilford Nowak

Stephanie Kates


To honor Baby Nash and his parents Matt and Keva

The Woehrmans


For Theo McClun - thanks to great docs, your strength, and God's grace we celebrate your first birthday!

George Nicholson

For Lydia Riggs who will be old enough to attend camp in a few years!!

Mary Summers

In memory of Robert Ledbetter

Don Richardson

James and Judith Wion



Camps for Kids 2018 Donations

Nickey Crail

Jeanie Petersen

Vicki Headley

Kathi Welch

Pat Pritchett

Kristina Handley

James O'Brien

Gelatt, Mark Gelatt

Michael Bingler

Cathy Harris

Jenni Bennett

Renee Cook

Stacey Gibson

Edith Neeves

Carey Bickford

Jane Von Elling

Nicole Daley

Mary Woltkamp

All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating

Joan Horvat

Sarah Lagergren

Megan McFarland

In memory of Sophia - Walden-Forrest Family

Shannon Lysaught

Kirk Hoskins

Rhonda Fort

Tina King

The Jones Family

The Sauer Girls

Rachel Snider

The Ringos

Keith Herd

Salina Guns and Hoses

Janice Kundsen

Mary Dreasher

Reorganized School District of Lawson

LK Fashion Solutions

Rachel Snider

Kathi Weltch

Donald and Sandi Eidemiller

Teri Becker


2018 Camp Systole in-kind donations

Bickford Family

Dudgeon Family

Amy and Joey Arena

Spencer Family

Matthew Family

Clayton Family

Smith Family

Stoneking Family

Pasco Family

Rawley Family

In memory of Finley - Teri Becker

Corl Family

Simpson-Bridges Family

Morgan Family

Snider Family

Bridges-Simpson Family


Grand Ledge Public Schools


In honor of Ryan and Leah's wedding

Thomas Phillips

Melissa Hill

Megan Pabon

Alexandrea Griffith

Jennifer Oyola

Jan Foresee



In honor of Rita

CMH Echo Lab

In Honor of Johnny Eason

The Bertrand Family


Donations to the CHD Families inpatient fund

In memory of 

Howard F. Miller

and William H. Cunningham

Jim and Sue Pierce

Mary and Randy Harwerth

Phyllis Rutler

Chad Ulreich

Carol and Lynn Sheppard


In Memory of James Eidemiller

Lowell and Marla Christy
Dennis and Foy Egbert
Benjamin Stables
Michael and Linda Mesh
Martha and John Stack



Camps for Kids 2017 donations


 CHD Babies

 Sarah Lageren

Alicia Clayton

All Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating

Amber Hoffman

Amy Lay

Barbara Ringo

Beth Hem

Carrie M Easley

Claravon Mathews

Cristi Smith

Cynthia  Carroll

Girish Shirali

James and Lina O'Brien

Julie Martin

Julie Thomas

Keith Hudson

Kellee Ball

Kelly Tieves

Kim Toplikar

Mark Gelatt

Mary Woltkamp

Melissa Herd

Nickey Crail

Nicole  Daley

Noel Clayton

Pamela Barham

Pat Pritchett

Renee Weatherman

Richard Barrette

Ryan Dillie

S&S Reel Manufacturing, Inc.

Salina Guns and Hoses

Sandra Eidemiller

Sarah Stirtz

Shane Sauer

Stacey Gibson

Stephen Kaine

Svjetlana Tisma-Dupanovic

Theresa King

Tina King

Torrie Ellis

Veronica Joseph

Vickie Headley

Wichita Federal Credit Union

Winston F Jones



In-Kind donations for Camp Systole

Toplikar family - Golf carts

AHA - Snacks for campers and goody bags for parent symposium

Walkie talkies

Proforma - Water bottles

Medtronics - Snacks

Parker and Salina Guns and Hoses - a million snacks




CHD Babies - Run for Little Hearts


In memory of Cassidy Pellman on her 7th birthday

Grandma and Grandpa Majerle


Andrews Family Foundation


Emma Consiglio and Emily Rodriquez


In honor of Anna Lee Ruckman Brown 

and in honor of Violet Allen

Pat and June Abplanalp

Mark and Joann Abplanalp

Nick and Brenda Abplanalp

Sue Adcock

Woodson and Judy Joiner

John and Melinda Nunez

Beverley and Mike ruckman



In Honor of Joel Daley

Marilyn Vrana


In honor of Jack Neeser

Matt Piorier


In honor of #givingtuesday

Leslie Smith


Kyle Peterson

Barbara Ringo

Gail Rigney

Amy Arena

Donating in honor of our heart warriors Connor and Nathan Smith - the smith family


Camp Systole 2016 donations

Preceptor Beta Sigma

In honor of Julie and Atley -Anonymous

All Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating

Daley, Nicole 

Corl, Heather 

Crail, Nickey 

Petersen, Kyle 

Pascoe, Shane 

Hamilton Masonry, Inc.

Petersen, Jeanie 

Callaway, Craig 

Banwart, Bruce 

Handley, Kristina 

Warta, Ashley 

Elling, Jane Von

Kaine, Stephen 

Platt, Jessica 

Schmaus, Amanda 

Stalnaker, Brandie 

Toplikar, Kim

James and Lina O'Brien

Amanda Boyce

Craig Calloway

Jennifer New

Shane Pasco

Krissy Ringo

Laurie Bancroft

Amanda Farris

Christine Guthrie

Lisa Jones

Kathleen Kerr

Storm Management LLC

Carey Bickford

Michael Bingler

Deanna Brunton

Steve Eichinger

Elisha Froetschner

Mark Gelatt

Shane Sauer

Cristi Smith

Rebecca Stoneking

Brandi Stratman

Brenda Von Elling

Michael Ann VanMarter

Vickie Headley

Crystal Burnett

Carrie  Easley

Rita France

Mark Giebler

Angela  and Jason Hansen

Beth Hem

Joshua Hurlbert

Harry and Gail Janke

Jazzercise Great Bend Fitness Center

Maria Johnson

Megan McFarland

Cristin Rogers

Pat Rush

Dr. Girish Shirali

Renee Weatherman

Mary Woltkamp

Renee' Armbruster

Kellee Ball

Carrie Benson

Deanna Brunton

Rebecca McMullen

Megan Cottrell

Ruth Ellis

Sheila Ellis

Torrie Ellis

Denise Haas

Megan Jensen

Andrea Kiefer

Theresa King

Shannon Lysaught

Bekah Meyerkorth

Julianne Owen

Timothy Penner

Rebecca Stoneking

Anna Wade

Cynthia Carroll

Patricia  Hutchison

Danielle Klatt

 Kelly Manz

Alice Murr

Barbara Ringo


Alicia Clayton

Dreher Creech

Sandra Eidemiller

Melissa Herd

Claravon Mathews

Melissa Pratt


In honor of Camp Systole and in memory of Sophia

The Walden-Forrest family

Karen Craig




In honor of CHD Families

The Yeamans


The Willis Foundation


CHD Babies


Honda of Tiffany Springs


In memory of Johnny Eason



Camps for Kids 2015 donations

Cheyenne Ade

Haley Bell

Kimberly Bulloc

Amy Lay

Sanket Shah

Kellee Ball

Kristina Handley

Carrie Pritchett

Kathi Welch

Sara Burr

Nickey Crail

Mark Gelatt

Stacey Gibson

Kim Toplikar

Nicole Daley

Thomas Mannion

Vickie Headley

Natalie Jayaram

Girish Shirali

Jonathan Bacon

Martha Carter

Lori Erickson

Heather Corl

Meghan Nugent

Celeste Mannion

Brenda Von Elling

The Getmans

Amanda Boyce

Kyle Peterson

Beth Lang

Pamela Barham

Svjetlana Tisma-Dupanovic

Diane Ball

Andrew Breuer

Jerrod  Brown

Colene Homa

Cristi Smith

Pam August

Jeff Bowles

Gail and Harry Janke

Laura Stratton

Deborah Ward

Jason and Angela Hansen

Suma Gourdar

Michael  Bingler

Sandra Eidemiller

Pat Rush


Susan Mohan

Jean Petersen

Rebekah Wilson

Barry and Rosemarie  Clair

Matthew Ringo

Stoneking, Rebecca 

Megan Jensen

James and Lina O'Brien


2015 Camp Systole Donations

In Honor of Ashley Warta

Cindy Warta

Mariners Foundation

Children's Mercy Hospital


In Honor of Jacob Gerken


Metro North Kohls




In memory of Diana Hart

and in honor of Jaxon Kuhn

Jim and Carolyn Sturgeon

Curtis and Barbara Reinhardt

Larry and Pam Kuhn


In Memory of Johnny Eason

The Bertrands


In honor of Henry Hermon

robert bonsen


In Memory of Delylah Harris

From your friends in the HHPR Department at Pittsburg State University


In Honor of Camden Ivey

Mona Venters


In loving memory of Michael B. Roberts-Yeager

from his family, friends, and Michael's soldiers.

We love and miss you forever "Cowboy".


In Memory of Delylah

The Harris Family


 My daughter Carlie Gaile Borja

Claire Borja


2014 Camp Systole Donations through Camps for Kids

Kellee Ball

Ray and Kathy Delia

Pamela Barham

Sarah Burr

Lori Erickson

Stacey Haas

Ann Klumeier

Julie Martin

Micheale Huskings

Dawn Tucker

Heather Corl

Christine Guthrie

Tamara Hamilton

Barbara Ringo

Nicole Vrana

Steve Kaine

Clifford Lovett II

Jennifer Crownover

Elvira Eichleay

Edward Metcalfe

Scott Starenchak

Nathan Nassif

Matthew Dearth

Pamela Dennis

Lewis Hitzrot

Jennifer Swihart

Thomas Mannion

Kim Toplikar

Robin Waers

Dianna Connelly

Amy Lay

Kathy Perryman

Heath Roberts

Martha Carter

Kristina Handley

Carrie Pritchett

Kelly Tieves

Jim O'Brien

Mike Bingler


Other Camp Systole Donations 2014


In Honor of Noah Hutchison

from his favorite Aunt

Kim Slatier

In Memory of Delylah

and in honor of Dawn Tucker

The Harris Family



In Kind Donation for Camp Systole 2014

MedTronics - Tshirts

Kansas City WoodWorkers Guild - 105 Wooden trucks

Target - gift card

Dick's Sporting Goods - Gift Card

Shadowbuddies - backpacks and Shadowbuddies

15 dozen mini cookies from Panera Bread
Costco gift card.  
Icing Smiles 
Toplikar Family - golf carts 
Vaughn family - walkie talkies
Truitt Family - slushy machine and all supplies
wood kits donated by Home Depot

Painting Class for campersThirsty Pallete

Boardwalk Walmart 

Einstein Brothers


American Heart Assocation



Icing Smiles

Johnson County Equipment Rental


Kamden's Hope 4 Hearts Donations

Erin and Doug Kerrigan

Travis and Heather Furst

Judy and Paul Albers

Leda and Paul Beaver

Vivian and Wade Broussard

Clint Bullock

Mel and Sue Sauder

Grandpa Kelley

Amanda and Michael Maggard

Chad and Teresa Seltman

Mom and Dad

Steven and Nicole Jackson

Robbie and Stacy Kurtz


Vickie Loos

Kirby and Chris Dees

Jena and Dean Heflin


Chuck Easterling

Kim Hudson

Tom and Paula Osterloh

Ken and Ruth Bradley

Stacy Calhoun

Pat Desruisseau

Ceramic Tool Company

Malcolm & Shirley Meyer

Eleanor Janke

James Barb Construction

Richard Haas

Austin Nichols Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Carruthers

Kathy Berthelson

John and Shannon Oien

DB Construction

Cary and Pam DeCamp

Clifford and Sherlyn Lee

Bernard Zarda

Karen Miller


Jeans Day

Trinity Logistics

In Honor of Violet and Oliver

from their great grandma's estate


In honor of Camden Ivey

Venters family


In Honor of their daughter

The Sauer Family


In Memory of Kalvin Elmo Burnett

From AAKC Board of Directors


In honor of the Derr (Ethan and Ryan) and Froetschner (Braxton) families

Dianne Feeley


Many donations in honor of CHD Families

100 Women Who Care KC


 In memory of my son Landon Everett Otto

Jennifer Heaton


In honor of CHD Families

Monthly donations

Joseph Rayesky


In honor of Connor James Smith

His parents


In honor of

Braxton Froetchner, and Ethan and Ryan Derr

Crystal Brown


Noah Tyson

The Tilly Family
In memory of Mark Brewer
and in honor of CHD Warrior Matthew Ringo
Barbara Ringo
Susie Youngen
Tiffany Fellowship Church
John Thomas and Friends at Nextaff
Christian Chapel
Gary and Penny Fish
Bert and Marilyn Masters
Med Act Employees association
Phyllis Anderson
Pastors John and Christine and the Chapel Church Family
In Honor of Colin Hallier
Aunt Megan
"Merry Christmas!!!"
In memory of KayLeigh Jean Bowen.
I love you,
Love, Aunt RaChelle and Carter
In memory of Mark Brewer
and in honor of CHD Warrior Matthew Ringo
Barbara Ringo
Susie Youngen
Tiffany Fellowship Church
John Thomas and Friends at Nextaff
Christian Chapel
Gary and Penny Fish
Bert and Marilyn Masters
In Honor of Colin Hallier
Aunt Megan
In Memory of Noah Paul Tyson
The Tilly Family
Michael and Pamela Kerr
Balanced Financial Planning
James and Linda Illiff
Leroy and Linda Spiess
Joe Duncan Family
Aspen Healthcare Consulting
Seigfried, Bingham, Levy, Seltzer& Gee. P.C
Ashli Estes
Jimmy and Orvilla Grenz
Ronnie and Linda Estes
Zach and Lori Barnes and Family
Aaron and Tasha Bucher and Family
Duane and Jo Ann Skorupan
Gutschenritter & Johnson LLC
Cheri Kern
David Seyer
Christopher and Rose Kopecky
Kland Rohnda and Alex Scantlin
Shirley Martin and Cindy Martin
Joel and Ann Ekis
Mary and Doug Boessen
Steven and Ronda Burchard
Dan, Missy, Sam and Quincey Hubert
Kyle and Missy Huntington
Allison Sanders
Dan and Theresa Van Goethem
Debbie Rolwing
Curtis, Allison, Trenton, and Bridget Brungardt
The Chapman Family
Todd Schultz
The Adamson Family (James, Abby, Will, Ben & Samantha
Kelli Kern
Jennifer Meinkoth, Memorial Hospital, Belleville, IL
Anna Hooper, Pam Finnell, Julie Davis, Adele Hoch, Carol Schmidt, Emily Perkins
Lisa Kresha
Lisa Kresha
Barbara Bruni
Answer Pro Limited
Samuel and Beverly Byrd
Kent and Leslie Rose
Barbara Troy
Winston and Suzanne Jones
The Desmarteau Family
Lester and Janet Derley
Matthew and Janet Wahoff
Jay and Lisa Huxman
Ronald and Arnita Schultz
Chick and Jane Nicolay
Familly of Noah Paul Tyson
Elizabeth and Thomas Hudak
In memory of Noah’s 13th Birthday
The Hanson Family
The Mitchell Family
The Roy Family
Melanie Ulland
The Pitcher Family
In Honor of Dr. Karina Carlson
Andrew, Jenn, Chloe, Sophia, and Finley Bilen
In Memory of Lydia Johnston
Joyce Odom
In honor of Finley Bilen
Matt, Katie, Bella, and Noah Mitchell
In Memory of Wyatt James Greeno
Ashley Price
In memory of Tristan Fairbanks
3 boxes of material
Aunt Nancy
In honor of Sophia Fazel
And in memory of her grandmother
Carol Crain
Family and friends
Handmade Blankets
In honor of Ariana Lake
Her Grandmother
Melinda Lake
In Honor of Brecklyn Reynolds’ birthday
Over 500 items for carepackages
10 blankets
Her family and friends.
In Honor of Mollly Rottinghaus
Aunt Katy
In honor of chdfamilies
Cliff Lovett
In honor of Ethan Rawley’s 7th birthday
Aunt Kim
In Memory of Cassidy Pellman
Grandma Mary Majerle’s Friends at Quintiles
David and Marcy Deatherage
Jason, Amy, and Libby Kepler
Amy & Ryan Diediker
Teresa Blongewicz
Julie Martin
Frances Kalich
Brook & Patrice Maese
Rex & Kellee Hearst
Gary & Karen Pellman
Marsha Cowan
Rick & Donna Vore
Cynthia Knight
Esther Bizal
Robert J. Matthews
Great-Aunt Lori and Lisa
Alison and Jason Fraser
Ezra, Karen & Bruce Smith
The Walgren Family
Debbie, Alan and Jonathan Edelman
Michal Cahlon
Hoefer Wysocki Architects
Mark & Joyce Neves
Brandi & Pete Majerle
Lori & Scott Nelson
Microsoft Matching funds
Joel and Jean Bratt
The Mendel Family
Melissa & Matt Costello
Adam Kepler
Mike & Candy Wagner
Carol Owen
Lana Borden
Elizabeth & Adam Woolfolk
Bob & Sue Strini
Rob & Diane Wagner
Jerry & MaryAnn Fischer
Renee & Tim Higgins
Suzanne & John Goodack
Vivian Dercher
Tim & Kathy Sanders
Lucy & Dustin Kelsey
Sharon & Tim Jansen
The Fohey Family: Mark & Lori, Travis & Christina
The Walker Family
Mike & Debbie O'Laughlin
Matt & Julie Pellman
Mike & Kathy Wagner
Shelley Hampton
Mark & Juliana Hudson
Joan Smugala
Shaun & Tara McCourt
Sherry & Gary Schmidle
In honor of Skyler Yount
On the three month anniversary of his open heart surgery
Rebecca Krause
In memory of Johnny Eason
Paul and Gina Bertrand
For CHD Awareness Month
In Honor of Jack Mitchell
Love, Mom and Dad
In honor of little Jack Mitchell
The Sutton Boys
In loving memory of our little angel
Natalie Grace Williamson
Love, Grandma & Grandpa Shore
In Honor of Breckyn's birthday.
Over 600 toiletry items, toys, and books
Family and Friends
In honor of Maura Wiens
Michael and Sara Duran
In memory of Carson Butler
And in honor of CHD Families Wear Jeans for CHD’s
Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP
In memory of Kaden Mulnick
Amanda Schaefer
Lisa Ruskanen
In memory of Noah Rexin
Johanna Janke
In honor of Landon Hoekstra
Kate Pharazyn
In memory of Jane De Selms
and Honor of Caylee Rodenbaugh
Robert and Aleta Fry
Janet and Jeffrey Delsemme
Marcella Green
In memory of Jane De Selms
and Honor of Caylee Rodenbaugh
Curtis and Olivia Wilson
VFW Post 7356
Robert and Mary Morris
Mary Dugan
In Honor of Maura Wiens
Grandma and Grandpa
In Honor of CHD Families
Melanie Hamilton Ulland
Tonya Jewel
Amy Tan
Gail Janke
Kristen Mitchell
Lily LaSala
Julie Creelman
Paul Strohm
In Memory of Dominic Cavallo
Darrell Bachtel
In memory of Florence S. Nelson
An in honor of her great Grandson Landon
William and Gail Klein
John and Claire McGovern
Susan Dallegro
Samuel and Shirley Lee
Charles and Mary Jane Schaefer
Millbridge Sunshine School
Dale and Dante Fetzer
Howrhu Self
Carol Mcrell
David and Joan Peirce
Frank and Ronda Pharzyn
In Honor of CHD Families
Jenna Bryan
Niki Wilcoxon Woods
Christin Howell
Carol Magers Keller
In Honor of Oliver’s Second birthday
Mommy and daddy
In memory of Johnny Eason
Gina and Paul Bertrand
In memory of Johnny Eason
Paul and Gina Bertrand
In Honor of Chloe Manz
Sandra Lippy
In Honor of CHD Families
Blues Springs City Theater
In Memory of Carson Butler
Pamela and Jeffery Holmberg
John Holmes
In honor of Gracie Taylor
In honor of CHD Families
Amy Tan
In Honor of CHD Families
Anonymous Donor
In memory of Carson Butler
Karen Brady
Todd and Denise Seim
Joan Taylor
Russell and Kathy Godfrey
Donald and Margaret Powell
Linda Paul
Randall and Rebecca Chappell
Jenae and Andrew Goodman
Crystal Harris
KD and ML Zimmerman
In Honor of Rylee Roberts
From Mom and Dad
In memory of Keith Jones
And in Honor of his Great Grandson Noel Lynch
Ruth and Kenneth Hill
Bruce and Shirley Hoelscher
Carlene Peters Family
Bod and Pat Vannoy
Vivian Miles
Mary and Janer Pereas Family
Ron and Rita Genebacher
Mike and Susie Peters
In Honor of Garrett Hale's Birthday
His mom and dad
In honor of Breckyn Reynolds 1st birthday
Monetary donations, NCK tools, and
250 pounds of toiletries for care packages
Her family and friends
In Honor of CHD Families
100 tickets
KC Royals
In Honor of CHD Families
Change for Charity Recipient
Zona Rosa
In Honor of CHD Families
United Way Campaign
In honor of Atley Bowles
And his mother Julie
Richard Finley
In memory of Lucille Stephani
Sandra Thompson
In memory of Tristin Fairbanks
On the anniversary of his loss
The Mitchell Family
In honor of Chloe Manz
Donation of money to purchase blankets
Mom and Dad
In Honor of CHD Families
Advanced Health Chiropractic
Dr. Cheryl L Pauls and Dr. Noelle P Van Meter
In Memory of Tristin Fairbanks
On his first birthday
The Mitchell Family
In honor of Bridger James Smith
Aunt Jessica
In Honor of Ryan Stratman
His parents
In Honor of Parker Fox
His parents
In Honor of Dylan
A heart friend
In Honor of Matthew Ringo
Friends and Family
Grandpa and Grandma Brewer
In Memory of Hamilton J Hammons
Marshall V. Miller, Miller & Company P.C.
Lucy Richardson
Joyce Guess (Grandmother)
Angela Hammons
In Memory of Johnny Eason
Amie Shull
Tom and Jeannie Apel
Paul and Gina Bertrand
In memory of Cloyse Herwegh
(Tristin's Grandfather)
W and L Darr
Helen Miller
Edyth Woolery
Norman and Nancy LaGore
In memory Of Tristin Fairbanks
Boxes of Material for blankets
Great Aunt Nancy
In Memory of Tristin Fairbanks
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Great Aunt Nancy
Montrose Station, KCPL
David and Ann Bruce
Grandpa and Grandma Pajer
Jerry and Marie Woolery
Frank and Joyce Dernovish,
Ralph and Dorothy Dirkensen
Donna Miller
John and Carolyn Orser
Pamela Fergueson
hlhs friend
Susan Uppman
In memory of Rory Stewart
Many donations from family and friends
In honor of Hailey
walking in honor of her brother Ethan,
Aunt Mary
In honor of
His little brother Seth Morey
Donovan Jones
In Memory of Norbert H. Knipp
and in Honor of Will Knipp
Debbie and Rick Johnston
Tom and Mary Martha Carrico
Janice E Stuart
The Knipp family and friends
Thomas and Jo Ann Letourneau
In Honor of Garrett Smokorowski
Theresa Cortez
In honor of Gianna DeFeo
on her first birthday
Great Grandfather
mommy and daddy
Thomas and Mary Kathleen Morgan
Uncle Anthony
In Memory of Margie Gould
and Honor of Kaden Mulnick
Nancy Bramley
Larry and Gini Colburn
Laurence and Mary Wiggins
Rick Gould
Decie and Katie Stone
Don and Beverly Freberg
Lisa Ruskanen
Richard and Patrica Kaufman
In Memory of
Sandon Keylan Waddell
Nancy Raughton
In memory of Johnny Eason
Paul and Gina Bertrand
Ruth Barone
Brian and Alicia Stewart
Steven and Sarah Soden
Mentor Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jente
Mr. and Mrs. John Auer
Mr.and Mrs. Gary Gilson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rephlo
Blackwell Sanders LLP
The Phoenix Consulting Group
Tracy Mackey
Bonni and Cecil Futch
Holly Henderson
Mike and Lisa McDonald
Jamie Bolen
Thomas and Stephanie Kramer
Dan L. Bennett, M.D. and his staff
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre
Dr. and Mrs. Jorge Paradelo
J.K. Zagoni
Terry and Grace Stanley
Tom and Rhonda Gerke
Shana Stelzer
Linda Gardner
Glenna Oidtman
Cindi and David Ebers
Ginny and John Eason
Vera Fortune
Don Fortune and Family
Ron Fortune and Family
Mary Zorn and Family
The Learning Tree LLC
Pascale Henn
Sean and Julie Roberts
Thomas and Mary Grimaldi
Bradley Bacon
Richard and Sabrina Korentager
Anne Conrad Duff
Howard and Beverly Bunton
Friends of Robert and Marilyn Howell
David and Deborah Lind
The Mulnick Family
Michael and Dorie Fragale
Paul and Joyce Rother
David Keuning
Chris Abele
Tammy Breitenbach
Beverly Russell
David and Salley Rorabaugh
Molly Roudebush
Arthur and Kareh Hawes
Jack and Sharon Pettijohn
Plastic Surgical Arts
Jeffery Colyer M.D.
Carl and Kathy Price
Darrel D. Domann
Louis and Ruth Rephlo
Chris and Liza Reitz
Claudia Toussaint
Scott Orazem
Marian Wilson
Kurt and Molly Boeckmann
Robert and Courtney Sprague
Morrie and Barbara Hietman
Robert and Denna Olsen
Bill and Pam Hacker
Haven and Barbara Rolander
Demaris and Kenneth Davis
Monty and Nancy Knight
Gianni Hughes
Richard and Kathryn Smith
Elizabeth Tridle
Steven and Rebecca Serck
Virginia and John Eason
Thomas and Katherine Rottinghaus
Amy Dickinson Holewinski
Nancy Mossman
Phyllis Kemper
Thomas and Carol McGarvey
John and Rebecca Brungardt
Mark and Anne Stokely
Brenda Spikler
Doug Dexter
Terry and Ginger Monson
Charlotta and Terence Duffy
Randall and Patricia Parker

In memory of Corbin Mellick
10 completed carepackages and blankets
for CMH
Family and Friends
In Memory of Johnny Eason
On his third birthday
The Robertsons
In memory of Jason Cleveland
Aunt Carol Zeller
In Honor of Sage Burnett
Judy Cummingham
In memory of Molly Grace Rottinghaus
Girl Scout Troop 5150
Kevin and Judith Glynn
TG and CA Heffern
Anthony and Susan Rinella
Carol Kostelac and Jane Leverich
Mildred Theno
Daniel and Katarina Trehey
David and Janis Mikesic
Randall and Mary Ann Kancel
Chad and Nancy Lasala
Rosemary Miller
Robert and Rosemary Runnebaum
Brock and Angela Gann
Ellen Cahill
Vera Shinn
Camille Lindquist
Joseph and Amy Reardon
Patricia Cahill
Keith and Martha Gann
Scott and Stephanie Moore
John Holton and Nancy Zielke
Derek and Peggy Miller
Christi and Mark Douglas
John and Ann Whigham
Thomas and Donna Rottinghaus
Richard and Kathleen Strecker
Dennis and Andrea Watson
David and Susan Grosko
Denis and Donna Callaghan,
Dennis and Susan Marx
Mary Etta Palmisano
John and Patricia Petty
Helen Rottinghaus
Tom and Mary Dailey
Donald and Mary Kathleen Puhr
Sherly Feutz-Harter
Keith and Sharon Vickers
Sarah and Sean Murry
Wesley Duke
Aunt Katie Rottinghaus
Joshua and Tricia Maxfield
McCornick, Adam & McDonald, PA
Lawrence and Joan Ward
William and Tiffany Duncan
Thomas and Jennifer Kelley
The Law Offices of Stephen R Bough
Shelley and Keith Ericsson
Jerry and Margaret Kenefake
John and Michaela Brady
Todd and Kristina Schieffer
Shugart, Thomas & Kilroy
Dr. and Mrs. Schilling
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Stamper
Jacob and Leslie Bayer
Wagstaff & Cartmell
Terrence and Kathy Glynn
Tina Boschert
Pete Browne and Julie Walker-Browne
Kissick Construction Co Inc
Erin Eppinger Barrett
Kathryn Covey
Carol Eppinger
Beth Driks,
The Askelsens
Bob and Vicki Fitzgerald
MOSAYC, Mothers of Saint Ann's Young Children
McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips
Pam and Robert Kennedy
Janet and Arren Lovick
Patti Dunlay
Deborah and John Coe
Michael Shteamer
Mr and Mrs. John Jurcyck Jr
Janet Cockrell
Jennifer McAdam,
William and Bernardine Maher
Amber Eppinger-Dobson
Rick and Lori Worner
George Leonard
Alice and Lawrence McGurn
David L, Kaplan, Adult & Pediatric Dermatology
Scott A. Wissel
Greg J. Mermis
Al Boulware
James and Laurie Coullter
Jack Campbell
Steve and Marsha Ruse
Cynthia and Michael Boharty
Dale and Dan Boulware
Brandon and Sarah Lasala
Jess Guislain
In memory of Johnny Eason, who always had a
big smile on his face & loved Thomas the Train
as much as me. Watch over all the heart babies
in this world. I will miss our playdates together.
Love, Jack Robertson
In Memory of John Robert Eason
On behalf of his parents
Michael and Sarah Eason
And his grandparents John and Ginny Eason
Dr. Sarah Gars
In memory of Tania and
in honor of Joe's marathon
JH and EA Kim
In Memory of Tania
and in Honor of her brother Joe.
Kari Rawley
In Memory of Tania
and in honor of her brother Joe for doing a
marathon in her memory
Mark Kynese
In Memory of John Robert Eason
Carol McNary
Friends of Robert and Marilyn Howell
In memory of Alice Mae Rose
Mommy and Daddy
Papa and Nana
Matthew and Sarah Rose & Kyle and Lisa Rose
Many donations In Memory of Beverly Rawley
and in honor of her daughter Sarah Rawley and
her grandson Ethan Rawley
In Honor of Rose Klamm
A young friend
Donations of Labels from
Custom Couture Labels
Many meals from Jason's Deli

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